Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wherefore art thou Cream?

So the other day, after awaking from a nap, I think to myself, "Hmmm, coffee sound FABulous"! So I go through my normal ritual of pouring my coffee and adding some cream. Mmmm, tastes good, and just the caffeine kick I need. Eventually, I finish my cup of coffee and go for a nice refreshing refill. I pour the coffee, I open the fridge, and I reach for the … wait a minute … where's the cream? Oh, it's behind the milk. Hmmm, I don't quite remember putting it all the way back there. Wait, this cream has never been opened, it's brand new. I didn't remember having another carton of cream. Was the other one empty? Did I throw it away? I look in the trash. Nope, no empty cream carton in there. Well ok, I'll just open this one up because obviously the Coffee Gods have blessed me with a new and unopened carton of creamer. That was nice of them. I go back into the living room and decide to forget about the whole thing and just enjoy my coffee. Twenty seconds later I'm back in the kitchen. Yeah, I know, I was supposed to just forget about it. Hmmm, I did throw a bunch of papers away just a minute ago … maybe I threw away the other carton and then threw the papers away afterwards and that is why I could not see the empty carton in the trash. I don't remember doing that and it doesn't sound very logical, but I look under the papers anyways. No empty carton of cream. Ok, what the hell is going on! Cream does not just get up and walk out the door! Does it? I check outside. Uh, not out there either. Ok, alright, in the past I have put things in places they don't belong so let's retrace our steps; because letting this go is obviously not an option. Here we go … I walked in the kitchen … I opened the cupboard so I could get a coffee cup ... THERE IT IS!


Trichelle said...

lol. Sergei just did that today at my house. He put the V8 in the cupboard. you silly people that are losing your minds...hahaha...we won't mention all that I do.

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